Tridicator/Boiler Gauge Model BRPT

$ 26.60

Model Description: The Model BRPT from Blue Ribbon Corporation is a family of high-accuracy tridicators. A tridicator is a dual purpose instrument that reads both temperature and pressure levels on the same dial face using an independent pointer and scale. This instrument, also known as a “Boiler Gauge”, is used primarily on heating systems and boilers.

In addition to our tridicator product, Blue Ribbon offers a wide range of pressure and level transducers, industrial grade thermometers, industrial pressure gauges, diaphragm seals and accessories. (Call for price and availability)

Manufacturer:  Blue Ribbon Corporation


• Dial Sizes: 2.5” and 3”
• Temperature Range: Varies
• Pressure Range: Varies
• Connections:  2.5″ Dial: 1/4” NPT;  3″ Dial: 1/2” NPT
• Accuracy:  Pressure: 3-2-3%;  Temperature: 3%
• Acrylic Lens & Ring
• Brass Tube & Socket
• Aluminum Pointer

 Technical Documentation:

Boiler Gauge/Tridicator BRPT Model

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