Garage Sale Items

"Garage Sale Items"  are items that we currently have at our facility that may include obsolete, older or used items. Therefore, we are offering special pricing on these parts. If you are looking to purchase more of the same item with us, outside of the item(s) we currently show "in stock", we are able to order the item as long as they are not obsolete, contact us for current price and availability.

All "Garage Sale" items are sold in "As is" condition with no returns or refunds unless the item is defective upon receiving it and you contact us within 3 days of receipt.  All "Garage Sale" items are tested and in working condition.  

All images are of the exact item(s) being sold. So that our customers can be certain of the condition of the item(s) they will be receiving.

We are able to answer any of your questions or concerns you may have on an item(s) or if you would like one of our team members to find you a specific item please contact us at (360) 256-0923 or email us at