Honeywell M7284C1000/U Actuator

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Description:  150 LB-IN, NSR Actuator, 4-20 mA Control, 120V

Product Specifications:

Application:  Electric

Dimensions (in.):  6-7/16 in. high X 5-1/2 in. wide X 7-5/16 in. deep

Dimensions (mm):  164 mm high X 140 mm wide X 185 mm deep

Includes:  Transformer and screw terminal adapter

Weight (lb):  7.5 lb

Item Type:  Product

Mounting:  Foot-mounted

Frequency:  50 Hz; 60 Hz

Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.:  Listed: File No. E4436, Guide No. XAPX for USA and Canada

Electrical Connections:  Screw terminals

Supply Voltage:  120V

Power Consumption:  Driving - 15 VA

Approvals, CE:  EN55011 (Emission) EN50082-2 (Immunity) 73/23/EEC (LVD)

Ambient Temperature Range (°F):  -40°F to +150°F

Ambient Temperature Range (°C):  -40°C to +60°C

Internal Auxilary Switch:  2

Auxillary Switch Ratings:  AFL - 120 Vac - 7.2A; ALR - 120 Vac - 43.2A; AFL - 240 - 3.6A; ALR - 240 Vac - 21.6A

Stroke:  Adjustable; 90 to 160 degrees, Symmetrical

Shaft Dimensions (in.):  0.375 in. Square

Control Signal:  Modulating, 4-20 mA

Fail Safe Mode:  Non-Spring return

Torque Rating (lb-in.):  150 lb-in.

Torque Rating (Nm):  17 Nm

External Auxilary Switches Available:  Yes

Shaft Rotation (upon control signal increase):  Clockwise (as viewed from power end) (normally closed)

Factory Stroke Setting:  90 degrees

Timing, Nominal:  30-60 sec

Feedback:  No

Shaft Dimensions (mm):  10 mm Square

Motor Shafts:  Dual-ended shaft

Deadweight Load on Shaft:  Either End - 200 lbs; Combined on both shafts - 300 lbs. 

Internal Transformer:  50004263-002

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