TF5 Sealmaster Rod End Bearing

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Description: This Sealmaster TF Series three-piece spherical rod end bearing is used in motion transfer linkage assemblies. The housing is made of machined low carbon steel that is plated for corrosion resistance. The bearing has a female shank with right hand threads for connecting to rods, and the shank has wide wrench flats for tightening. The bearing’s race is made of bronze and the alloy steel ball is heat treated and chrome plated for resistance to wear and corrosion. This bearing is lubricated with grease at the factory and requires no additional lubricants. It has a maximum operating temperature of 350 degrees F (177 degrees C). This spherical rod end bearing is suitable for use in various applications such as textile manufacturing equipment, agricultural machinery, and off-road vehicles, among others.

Rod end bearings, also called heim joints or spherical rod ends, are articulating joints that are attached to the ends of tie rods, steering links, and cylinders to provide a transfer of motion and force between two points. They consist of a spherical swivel with a cylindrical bore through which a bolt may pass pressed into a housing that has a threaded shank. Rod end bearings are used in applications such as steering linkages, agricultural machinery, and textile manufacturing equipment, among others

Sealmaster manufactures bearings and bearing accessories. The company, founded in 1938 and headquartered in Elsmere, KY, meets International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard 9001.


Brand Name:  Sealmaster

Part Number:  TF5

UPC:  662288723486

Material Type:  Carbon Steel

System of Measurement:  Inch

Size:  1-3/8"

Bore Diameter:  5/16"

Thickness:  7/16"

Overall Width:  7/8" 

Static Load Capacity:  3350 lbs

Axial Misalignment:  7 Degrees

Manufacturer Series Number:  TF

Shank Type:  Female

Thread Length:  .719"

Thread Size:  5/16"-24