9" Scale Adjustable Angle Type Industrial Grade Thermometer Model BR9A35

$ 62.11

Description: The Model BR9A35 Industrial Grade Thermometer from Blue Ribbon Corporation is an 9" Scale Adjustable Angle Type Industrial Grade Thermometer, designed for support of a variety of industrial applications. 

Note: Well Sold Separately. Lag wells available for 9" Thermometer see Model BRTW


• Two screws permit 180° case rotation and stem positioning in 10° increments, allowing for user-adjustable viewing

• Lens front blue reading spirit-filled thermometer tube is mounted on V-shaped aluminum scale with bold black lines and numerals

• NIST traceable calibration and guaranteed accuracy to ± one scale division

• Black enameled die cast aluminum with glass front to exclude dirt & dust for ranges up to +400 °F (+200 °C), optional plastic face

• Swivel nut has 1 ¼-18” NEF thread. Tapered bulb chambers to ensure proper fit in well.

• Also available in Straight Form and 90° Back Angle (Call for pricing and availability)

Technical Documentation:

Model BR9A35 Industrial Grade Thermometer Specification Sheet

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