2.5" Dial Bottom Connected Gauge SS Model BR300

$ 48.20

Description:  The Model BR300 series from Blue Ribbon Corporation is a high-quality dry or liquid-filled, all stainless steel back or bottom mount gauge for applications where brass may not be an option. 

Manufacturer:  Blue Ribbon Corporation


  • 316 Stainless Steel Case with bayonet bezel design
  • 316 Stainless Steel Internals
  • Stainless Steel Bourdon Tube & Connection
  •  IP65 Enclosure
  • Glycerine fill standard, Dry available
  • Accuracy: 2½” Dial - 1.6%; 4” and 6” Dials - 1%
  • Dual Scale: PSI & BAR (x100=kPa)
  • Ambient Temperature: Filled: +30 ºF to +160 ºF; Dry: -30 ºF to +180 ºF
  • Safety Glass Lens
  • Welded Socket
  • Overpressure Limit: 30% FSO
  • Working Pressure: 75% FSO

Technical Documentation:

Model BR300 Bottom Connected Stainless Gauge

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