Dwyer Pressure Switch Series 1910

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Description:  Dwyers most popular series combines advanced design and precision construction to make these switches able to perform many of the tasks of larger, costlier units.  Designed for air conditioning service, they also serve many fluidics, refrigeration, oven and dryer applications.  For air and non-combustible compatible gases, Series 1910 switches have set points from 0.07 to 20" w.c. (1.8 to 508 mm).  Set point adjustment is easy with range screw located inside conduit enclosure.  Internal location helps prevent tamperins.  UL, CE and CSA listed, and FM approved.



  • Oversized check valves for smooth controlled operation
  • Mash proof vent valve (no needle valve)
  • Patented non-oil based lubricants used on all moving parts
  • Dual O-rings on all pistons to ensure zero leakage


  • Air conditioning refrigeration coil icing detection; defrost cycle initiation
  • Clogged filter detection
  • Variable air volume controller


Service:   Air and non-combustible, compatible gases

Temperature Limits:  -30 to 180°F (-34 to 80.2°C)

Pressure Limits:  45" w.c. (11.2 kPa) continuous, 10 psig (68.95 kPa) surge

Switch Type:  Single-pole double-throw (SPDT)

Repeatability:  ± 3%

Electrical Rating:  15 A @ 120-480 VAC, 60 Hz.  Resistive 1/8 HP @ 125 VAC, 1/4 HP @ 250 VAC, 60 Hz.  Derate to 10 A for operation at high cycle rates.

Electrical Connections:  3 screw type, common, normally open and normally closed

Process Connections:  1/8" female NPT

Mounting Orientation:  Diaphragm in vertical position. 

Set Point Adjustment:  Screw type inside conduit enclosure

Weight:  1 lb. 4.5 o.z. (581 g).

Agency Approvals:  CE, CSA, FM, UL.  Optional EXPL Explosion-proof enclosure does not possess any agency approvals.


  • Weatherproof Housing - 16 ga. steel enclosure with gasketed cover (NEMA 4, IP66) for wet or oily conditions.  Withstands 200 hour salt spray test. Wt. 5lbs (2.3 kg).  Switch must be factory installed.  Change 1910 base number to 1911 and add - WP suffix.  Example:  1911-1-WP
  • Explosion-proof Housing - Cast iron base with brass cover.  Rated Class I, Group D; Class II, Groups E, F, G.  (7lbs).  Switch must be factory installed.  Change model number to 1911 and add - EXPL suffix.  Example:  1911-1-EXPL.

MODEL 1910-0

Description:  Differential Pressure Switch, range 0.07 - 0.15" w.c., approx. deadband @ min. set point 0.04, approx. deadband @ max. set point 0.04.

MODEL 1910-5

Description:  Differential Pressure Switch, range 1.40 - 5.5" w.c., approx. deadband @ min. set point 0.30, approx. deadband @ max. set point 0.30.

Technical Documentation:

Dwyer Pressure Switch Manual

Dwyer 1900 Data Sheet

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