Elliptical Gaskets Graphite for Johnston Boilers

$ 11.50

Description: Compared to spiral wound gaskets, Black Max seals better and has much better recovery properties.  It also weighs less tan half of that of spiral gaskets and while spiral gaskets require near perfect conditions, Black Max gaskets seal on rough, pitted surfaces under less compression load.

            *Can be used to replace Topog-E Series 2000,Super-G

Temperature:  -400°F (-240°C) to +850°F (+454°C) ir +1200°F (+650°C) in steam

Pressure:  2000 psig (70bar)

PxT:  175,000 (6,000) 1/4"

M Factor:  2 (Smooth Flange Surface)

Y Stress:  900 psi (6 MPa) (Smooth Flange Surface)

Maximum Gasket Load:  24,000 psi (165 MPA)

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