Contractor Gauge Model BR601D

$ 23.18

Model Description:  The Model BR601D Contractor Gauge from Blue Ribbon Corporation is a family of durable Contractor’s pressure gauges. They are designed to meet the needs of contractors involved in HVAC, plumbing and industrial and commercial refrigeration applications. The low price point of the Model BR601D Contractor Gauge makes this series the most attractive gauge for any project where bronze internals are suitable for use.


• Dial Size: 4.5”
• ±1% Accuracy
• Zero Adjust Screw-on Dial
• 304 Stainless Steel Case
• Plastic Lens
• Large easy-to-read display
• Overpressure Limit 20% FSO
• Working Pressure: 75% FSO
• Enclosure: IP52
• Suitable for Air, Water, Gas or Steam*

(*Please note: A pigtail siphon should always be used when putting pressure gauge into steam service)

Technical Documentation:

Contractor Gauge Series BR601D

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