Series AP Diaphragm Operated Pressure Switches

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Description:  Reliable and convenient, SERIES AP pressure switch is a compact for instrument air or other low pressure applications. Visible set point and external adjustment add convenience. Used on air, non-corrosive gas or liquid service compatible with wetted parts. Unit also available in weatherproof and explosion-proof housing.

Product Applications:

  • Low Pressure Applications
  • Instrument Air


Wetted Materials:  Nylon reinforced Buna-N and steel. PTFE and 316 SS optional.

Temperature Limits:  -30 to 150°F (-35 to 66°C).

Enclosure Rating:  General purpose.

Switch Type:  SPDT mercury switch or SPDT snap switch. Other switch types available.

Electrical Rating:  Mercury switch: 4 A @ 120 VAC/DC, 2 A @ 240 VAC/DC. Snap switch: 15 A @ 120 VAC, 8 A @ 240 VAC, 0.5 A @ 120 VDC, 0.25 A @ 240 VDC.

Electrical Connections:  Screw terminal.

Conduit Connection:  7/8" (22.23 mm) hole for 1/2" (12.7 mm) conduit hub.

Process Connection:  1/4" female NPT.

Mounting Orientation:  Vertical for mercury switch models, any position for snap switch models.

Set Point Adjustment:  External screw.

Agency Approvals:  CE, CSA, FM, UL. For FM consult factory. (Mercury switch units are not CE approved.)


 Model Description
AP-7021-153-33 Diaphragm operated pressure switch, range 10" vac-50" w.c. (2.5-12.4 kPa), SPDT snap switch, low deadband 8" w.c. (2.0 kPa), high deadband 10" w.c. (2.49 kPa), max. pressure 15 psig (1.03 bar).
AP-7021-153-37 Diaphragm operated pressure switch, range 1-30 psig (.07-2.1 bar), SPDT snap switch, low deadband 0.75 psig (0.05 bar), high deadband 1.5 psig (0.10 bar), max. pressure 60 psig (4.14 bar).
AP-7021-153-39 Diaphragm operated pressure switch, range 10-125 psig (.69-8.6 bar), SPDT snap switch, low deadband 3 psig (0.21 bar), high deadband 7 psig (0.48 bar), max. pressure 160 psig (11.0 bar).


Technical Documentation: 

Series AP Pressure Switches with Mercury Switches - Specifications - Installation and Operating Instructions

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