2" Gas Test Gauge Asssembly

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Description:  2" Gas Test Gauge Asssembly

Model Description:  The Model BRGT Gas Pressure Test Gauge from Blue Ribbon Corporation is a combined utility gas pressure test gauge and valve body. Before gas is run into the system, it is charged with air. The gauge then indicates whether or not there is a leak present within the line. The valve body serves strictly as a bleed port. Model BRGT Gas Pressure Test Gauge units support the reliable, cost-effective testing of gas line pressures within both commercial and residential applications.


Manufacturer PN:  BRGT-15

Dial Size: 2”

Measurement Range: 0-15 to 0-100 PSI (with 1/10# increments – only for 0-15)

Connection:  3/4” FNPT 

Accuracy: 3-2-3%

Technical Documentation:

Gas Pressure Test Gauge Model BRGT

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