M9484F1031/U Modutrol Iv Motor

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Reversing, proportional motors used to drive burner firing rate valves, dampers or auxiliary equipment.  Replace M941A, C, D motors


  • Designed for flame safeguard applications in commercial/industrial oil or gas burner systems
  • Vibration resistant electronic drive circuit
  • Regulated by three-wire proportional controller
  • Stroke is field-adjustable to 90 or 160 degrees

Product Specifications:

Dimensions (in.):  6.45 in. high X 5.5 in. wide X 7.3 in. deep

Dimensions (mm):  164 mm high X 140 mm wide X 185 mm deep

Item Type:  Product

Frequency:  50 Hz; 60 Hz

Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.:  Listed: File No. E4436, Guide No. XAPX for USA and Canada

Electrical Connections:  Screw terminals

Supply Voltage:  24 VAC

Power Consumption:  15W

Timing:  90 degree stroke - 30 seconds, 160 degree stroke - 60 seconds

Ambient Temperature Range (°F):  -40°F to +150°F

Ambient Temperature Range (°C):  -40°C to +66°C

Input signal:  135 ohm

Internal Auxillary Switch:  2

Auxillary Switch Ratings:  120 Vac - 7.2 AFL, 43.2 ALR, 40 VA pilot duty opposite contact; At 240 Vac - 3.6 AFL, 21.6 ALR, 40 VA pilot duty opposite

Stroke:  Adjustable; 90 to 160 degrees, Symmetrical

Shaft Dimensions (in.):  double-ended, 3/8 in. Square

Torque Rating (lb-in.):  150 lb-in.

Torque Rating (Nm):  17 Nm

Additional Torque Ratings (lb-in.):  Breakaway - 300 lb-in.

Additional Torque Ratings (Nm):  Breakaway - 34 Nm

Auxilary Switch Setting:  7 and 80 degrees

Factory Stroke Setting:  90 degrees

Shaft Dimensions (mm):  double-ended, 9.5 mm Square

Deadweight Load on Shaft:  Either End - 200 lbs (300 lb combined power and auxiliary shafts); 90.8 kg (136 kg combined power and auxiliary shafts)

Technical Documentation:

Owners Manual:

Operator/Owner Materials-Modutrol IV Motors-English/French

Wiring-Wiring for Modutrol Motors

Wiring-Wiring for Modutrol Motors

Wiring-Wiring for Modutrol Motors

Technical Documents:

Product Data and Specifications-Series 90 Modutrol IV Motors (series 1 motors)

Product Data and Specifications-Series 90 Modutrol IV™ Motors

Product Data and Specifications-Modutrol IV Motors

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