Reflex Water Level Gauge Assembly

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Model 480-R17 GRF BC 11.50VCC. Reflex has a single vision slot on one side of the chamber in which light can enter to determine liquid level. Above the liquid level, glass prisms reflect the surrounding light giving typically a silvery appearance. Below the level, the liquid fills the prisms causing the glass to become relatively transparent giving a typically dark appearance. 

The offset and straight pattern valves isolate the gauge chamber from the liquid contents of the vessel.

Offset valves have an advantage of permitting the inside of the gauge glass to be cleaned easily with a minimum of disassembly. By removing the 1/2" vent and drain plug, a straight passage through the gauge chamber is opened. A brush can be inserted through the valve vent and drain for glass cleaning. 

Both upper and lower valves in each set are equipped with horizontal ball checks. Balls are located on the vessel side of the valve seat. 

Valves with ball checks omitted meet ASME boiler requirements, the lower valve is available with an optional vertical rising ball check located in the offset portion of the valve body, and the upper valve has a leaky seat.


  • Reflexed armored liquid level gauge - medium pressure
  • Armored Gauge Rigid Valves - Carbon Steel
  • (Pipe Nipples and plugs NOT included)

This Water Gauge Assembly is designed to fit 11-1/2" center to center devices such as McDonnell & Miller 157S & 194 water columns other sizes available upon request


Reflexed armored liquid level gauge - medium pressure

Back Connection for Vessel Center to Center:  11-1/2"

Number of Sections:  1 Section Gauge

Wetted Chamber Material:  Painted Carbon Steel

Non-Wetted Retainer:  Painted Carbon Steel

Non-Wetted Bolting:  Painted Carbon Steel

Glass:  Reflex Tempered Borosilicate

Glass Shields:  Not Available

Spring Washers:  None

Gaskets:  Graphite

Cushions:  Non-Asbestos Fiber

Visible Glass Length:  10-1/4"

Gauge Connection:  1/2" FNPT, Side Connected

Maximum Non-Steam Rating:  2510 PSIG@ 100°F, 1730 PSIG@ 550°F

Maximum Saturated Steam Rating:  300 PSIG @ 421°F

Technical Documentation:

Flat Glass Gauges - Medium Pressure Specifications


Armored Gauge Rigid Valves - Carbon steel

Model:  450-04 CSU

Type:  Offset Pattern

Body Material:  Carbon Steel

Trim Material:  416SS

Stem Packing Material:  Graphite

Bonnet/Seat:  Integral

Gauge Connection:  Union, 1/2" FNPT

Vessel Connection:  Union, 1/2" MNPT

Vent/Drain Connection:  1/2" FNPT (Open)

Valve/Shutoff Mechanism:  Carbon Steel Handwheel

Automatic Ball Checks:  Removed

Maximum Non-Steam Rating:  4000 PSIG@ 100°F, 2620 PSIG @750°F

Maximum Saturated Steam Rating:  350 PSIG@ 434°F

ASME Ball Checks:  Contact us for availability 

Replacement Kits available:  See Size 7 Repair Kit 

Technical Documentation:

Flat Glass Gauge Valves Specifications


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