1/2" Bronze FloControl Valve Tasco #4445

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Description: The Tasco Flocontrol valve is a combination valve and flow control instrument equipped with a special micrometer dial and pointer which enables the operator to set the valve opening to within one hundredth of a turn of the hand wheel. Any desired setting can be instantly duplicated; each valve is fitted with a scientifically designedV-port valve disc, insuring proportional flow throughout the entire lift of the stem. A hand-operated valve with a straight-line flow characteristic with a separate shut-off seating surface removed from the controlling V-Ports, the necessity of using a second valve for shut-off purposed is eliminated! Tasco Flocontrol valves insure uniform quality by closer control of temperature and flow, save steam and fuel on process work and save money by reducing maintenance.


300# Bronze Valves Bronze Flocontrol valve with 500 brinnell stainless steel V-port disc/seat union bonnet and screwed ends.

Model:  4445 (Globe)

Size:  1/2" 

Material:  500 Brinell stainless steel & 13% chrome seat & disc

Non-Shock Pressure: 150 psi @ 358°F WSP, 300 psi @ 100°F WOG

Active Standard:  ASTM B-62

Valve Type: 4 V-Port Valve

Dimensions B:  1/2"
Dimensions C:  2 5/8"
Dimensions D:  2 1/2"
Dimensions E:  5 11/16"
Dimensions F:  4 3/8"
Dimensions J:  1 5/16"
Dimensions Y:  1 1/4"

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